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OPAC Bridge Projects: (48 Total, 5 on this page)

Romain Street Pedestrian Overcrossing - Seismic Retrofit Design

Romain Street Pedestrian Overcrossing

Seismic retrofit design of a pedestrian bridge in San Francisco.

San Francisco, California. Design Completed 1998

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Gibraltar Bridge - Feasibility Study

Gibraltar Bridge

Structural feasibility study for building a 14 km long bridge across the Strait of Gibraltar, with maximum suspended spans of 5000 m. Studies focused on developing a structural system with the rigidity and dynamic characteristics necessary to assure adequate aerodynamic performance.

Strait of Gibraltar, Spain-Morocco. Study completed 1996

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Bi-Tan Suspension Bridge - Design

Bi-Tan Suspension Bridge

Design of a 133 m span suspension bridge for pedestrians across Hsintien Creek in Taiwan.

Taipei, Taiwan. Design completed 1996

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Lake Redding Bridge - Design

Lake Redding Bridge

Design of a 5-span post-tensioned concrete arch bridge over the Sacramento River. The new bridge reflects and respects the adjacent Diestelhorst Bridge, a historic arch bridge of architectural significance.

Redding, California. Construction completed 1996

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St. Johns Bridge - Seismic Susceptibility Study

St. Johns Bridge

Seismic susceptibility study of a historic suspension bridge across the Willamette River.

Portland, Oregon. Investigation completed 1996

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