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Other Structures

Other types of structures in OPAC's portfolio include design and evaluation of cable-supported roofs, domes, sign structures, pipelines, thin shell concrete structures, towers, and movable roofs.

OPAC Other Structures (11 Total, 5 on this page)

Bay Division Pipelines 1 & 2, Dumbarton Crossing - Seismic Vulnerability Study

Bay Division Pipelines 1 & 2, Dumbarton Crossing

Seismic vulnerability study of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's major water pipelines.

Palo Alto-Newark, California. Study completed 2006

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Temple Beth Sholom - Structural Peer Review

Temple Beth Sholom

Structural peer review of a design of an unusual structural form.

San Francisco, California. Peer review completed 2006

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Quad Graphics Rack - Collapse Investigation

Quad Graphics Rack

Engineering investigations of the collapse of an automated storage and retrieval system for magazine and catalog pages.

Lomira, Wisconsin. Investigation completed 2005

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Cala Foods Store - Inspection and Evaluation

Cala Foods Store

Engineering services in support of rehabilitation and maintenance of a 40-year-old thin shell concrete hyperbolic paraboloid roof and a structurally innovative catenary-slab parking deck.

San Francisco, California. Services completed 2004

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Beijing National Stadium - Design Competition

Beijing National Stadium

Design competition for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium

Beijing, China. Design competition completed 2003

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