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Sixteenth Street Pedestrian Bridge - Dynamic Assessment

Sixteenth Street Pedestrian Bridge

Evaluation of an innovative pedestrian bridge for self-induced vibration due to wind and pedestrian loading, and design of tuned mass dampers and viscous dampers to address predicted excessive oscillations.

Denver, Colorado. Study completed 2002

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Porter Creek Bridge - Design

Porter Creek Bridge

Design of a bridge in a sensitive riparian environment.

Sonoma County, California. Design completed 2002

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Rama IX Bridge Tenth Year Inspection - 10th Year Inspection & Evaluation

Rama IX Bridge Tenth Year Inspection

Tenth year structural inspection of a 450 m span cable-stayed bridge across the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

Bangkok, Thailand. Evaluation completed 2001

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Santa Rosa Creek Bridge - Collapse Investigation

Santa Rosa Creek Bridge

Collapse investigation of a temporary modular steel truss bridge on a construction bypass that collapsed under truck loading after a few weeks of service.

Santa Barbara County, California. Investigation completed 2000

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Arroyo Seco Bridge - Seismic Retrofit Design

Arroyo Seco Bridge

Seismic retrofit of a historic concrete arch bridge in Southern California, using composite fiber wrap of the spandrel columns.

Pasadena, California. Construction completed 2000

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