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Maumee River Bridge - Value Engineering

Maumee River Bridge

Peer review of a cable-stayed bridge.

Toledo, Ohio. Peer review completed 2000

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Stonecutters Bridge - Design Competition

Stonecutters Bridge

Design competition for the Stonecutters cable-stayed bridge in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong. Design competition completed 2000

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Millennium Gateway Bridge - Design Study

Millennium Gateway Bridge

Conceptual design and structural type selection for a 3.5 km long bridge connecting Penang with the Malaysia mainland. Structural types considered included suspension, cable-stayed, and hybrid systems to meet functional and aesthetic requirements.

Strait of Penang, Malaysia. Study completed 1998

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Arroyo Cangrejillo Bridge - Design and Construction Supervision

Arroyo Cangrejillo Bridge

Design and construction supervision of a 337 m span unstiffened suspension bridge across an environmentally sensitive valley in Argentina. The bridge carries a foot path and mining copper-concentrate pipeline.

Andalgala, Catamarca, Argentina. Construction completed 1998

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Gibraltar Bridge - Feasibility Study

Gibraltar Bridge

Structural feasibility study for building a 14 km long bridge across the Strait of Gibraltar, with maximum suspended spans of 5000 m. Studies focused on developing a structural system with the rigidity and dynamic characteristics necessary to assure adequate aerodynamic performance.

Strait of Gibraltar, Spain-Morocco. Study completed 1996

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