OPAC Consulting Engineers

Romain Street Pedestrian Overcrossing

San Francisco, California


City and County of San Francisco
Contact: Joe Ovadia, Contract Manager
Tel 415.558.4004


Design Completed 1998

Scope of work:

Seismic Retrofit Design

Construction cost:

US$50,000 (estimated)

Services Performed:

  • Performed seismic vulnerability analyses
  • Prepared a retrofit strategy report
  • Prepared seismic retrofit plans, specifications and estimates per Caltrans standards


  • Seismic retrofit engineering

This 100-foot span simply supported pedestrian bridge over Market Street consists of two 60-inch deep AASHTO girders spaced at 9'-8" apart that are joined at the bottom flanges with a 5-inch reinforced concrete slab. Its southwest end bears on a 20-foot high retaining wall. Its northeast end bears on a 5-foot by 13-foot reinforced concrete pier with 10" walls on a pile supported footing. A reinforced concrete slab spanning 22 feet connects the northeast end of the main span with a reinforced concrete helical ramp structure. OPAC performed seismic vulnerability analyses, prepared a retrofit strategy report and prepared seismic retrofit plans, specifications and estimates per Caltrans standards.