OPAC Consulting Engineers

Pittsburg Coke Storage Domes

Pittsburg Marine Terminal, Pittsburg, California


Dome Systems, Inc.


Construction completed 1997

Scope of work:

Design and Contractor Support

Construction cost:

US$ 2,000,000

Services Performed:

  • Pre-bid engineering support
  • Final design
  • Seismic analysis


  • Design and analysis of an airform reinforced concrete dome
  • Seismic analysis and design of a concrete shell with contained fill on a soft soil site
  • Close working relationship with design/ build contractor

Pittsburg Marine Terminal, Pittsburg, California, located on the Sacramento River at its confluence with San Joaquin River in the Sacramento Delta, consists of three reinforced concrete 160 foot diameter hemispherical domes which store petroleum coke produced at nearby oil refineries. Foundations consist of circumferential ring beams, while reclaim is made through conveyors in tunnels running beneath the domes. The coke product is placed into the domes through apex openings, while ground level access is provided by a 24 ft. x 16 ft. entry in the dome shell.