OPAC Consulting Engineers

Cushing Parkway Bridge

Fremont, California


City of Fremont
39550 Liberty St.
P.O. Box 5006
Fremont, California
Norm Hughes
City Engineer
Tel 510-494-4748


Review completed 2006

Scope of work:

Design review

Construction cost:


Services Performed:

  • Performed review and peer review
  • Field observations


  • Excessive cracking in bridge deck
  • Excessive sags in deck profile

The Cushing Parkway Bridge is a 43 span concrete slab bridge with 42 foot span lengths. It was built by a developer to access a new shopping development in Fremont and was planned to be turned over to the City of Fremont for maintenance. Prior to acceptance of the bridge, the City of Fremont had concerns regarding maintenance, rideability and drainage issues, and engaged OPAC Consulting Engineers to perform a review and peer review.

Some of the issues of concern were exposed deck reinforcement, excessive cracking in bridge deck, and excessive sags in bridge profile. Remedial measures taken to address these concerns included partial deck removal and replacement to provide 3" minimum concrete cover and to smooth out excessive sags, and sealing of deck cracks.

OPAC's scope of work included review and peer review of information, reports, and analyses related to the design and construction of Cushing Parkway Bridge.